About the school

IJG attaches great importance to a high level of subject knowledge as well as the creative field. Within the creative field, especially music plays a central role. Music lessons are mandatory from pre-school until 7th grade. A wide variety of musical activities are offered to both primary school students and secondary school students.

Value set

  • Tradition and renewal
  • Subject knowledge, creativity and care
  • Intellectual freedom, tolerance and democracy
  • A strong and close teamwork between school and home

Talent development

  • Collaboration with young scientists
  • Scientific afternoons
  • Collaboration with Science Center Sorø
  • Rhythmic ensemble


  • Mandatory music lessons in pre-school until 7th grade
  • Art programme and art exhibitions
  • Music nights, theatre, musical and circus
  • Our own music school, choir and music ensemble

International dimension

  • Friendships schools in Germany, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Italy
  • Children/teacher exchange programmes with European countries
  • International e-learning
  • Study tours